Petroleum Refining

Refineries not only require heavy lifting and transportation, but more importantly, a company with a proven safety record in the lifting and transportation of equipment in, over, and around an operating plant. Barnhart's approach to safe efficient operations: it is a core value.

Beyond safety, innovation is the key to success. Anyone can offer you equipment. Barnhart provides innovative rigging and transportation equipment combined with proven innovative techniques to reducing overall costs and improving turnaround time.

  • Real Safety through Effective Management and Training
  • Specializing in Time Critical Outages
  • Contingency Rigging Planning for Critical Equipment
  • Custom Rigging Design and Fabrication
  • Heavy Transportation - Fabricator to Anchor Bolts
  • Crane Service from 8.5 Tons to 1,760 Tons
  • Engineered Lift Plans
  • Experienced in Placing Equipment in Constricted Areas
  • Modular Lift Towers to 1,600 Tons