Heavy Lifting

The Right Solution for Heavy Lift Jobs

Barnhart thrives on opportunities to solve your complicated and time-sensitive heavy rigging problems. The award winning combination of Barnhart's innovation, engineering and technology offers customized solutions to your difficult rigging needs

Services We Provide with Heavy Lift Cranes:

  • Modular Lift Towers to 1,200 Tons
  • Hydraulic Slide Systems to 1,000 Tons
  • Jacking System to 2,400 Tons
  • Hydraulic Gantries to 800 Tons
  • Hydraulic Cranes to 600 Tons
  • Crawler Cranes to 800 Tons
  • Ringer Cranes to 1,760 Tons
  • Port of Mobile 400 Ton Floating Barge Crane
  • Port of Memphis Derrick Crane of 1,250 Ton Capacity
  • Engineered Lift Plans