Department of Energy (DOE) Projects

Barnhart is a provider of engineered solutions to meet the heavy lift, rigging and transportation challenges for the Department of Energy's construction and decommissioning projects. Our services include providing expertise, innovation and equipment to support the installation, replacement, removal, decontamination and dismantling of heavy components.

Engineered rigging, lift and transportation solutions to support decommissioning and dismantling operations to remove major plant components (including - Reactor vessel heads, Steam generators, Reactor building structures, Contaminated concrete sections, Hot cells, Condensers, Transformers, Heat exchangers, Sodium pumps, Coolant pumps)

  • Critical path planning
  • Design and fabrication of specialty rigging devices
  • Logistics, port services, rail and barge transport and securement
  • General crane service
  • Radioactive component heavy haul and over the road transport