Thirty-eight individual pieces. Over 7,000 tons of components.  Final assembly 60’ below ground. That’s the scope of a project Barnhart is currently undertaking in Long Beach.

Headed up by Barnhart’s local branch, the job started six month ago when SMS press components arrived at the Port of Long Beach. Barnhart offloaded the components on a 21-line GS-800 trailer for the 25-mile haul to the forging plant. The 38 pieces were offloaded to beams and stands and then to a Goldhofer trailer to get to the site.

The pieces were assembled onsite using gantries. Once assembled, a Modular Lift Tower with a 500-ton slide system underneath set them into place 60′  below ground.

The largest component was the foundation crosshead, which weighed over 2,000 tons or 4.5 million pounds. To lift, lower and set this massive piece Barnhart utilized its adjustable length rigging system with a triangular beam. Custom lifting links were fabricated to accommodate the trunnions. Spotters were utilized as the crosshead was lowered into the ground.

In addition to the size of the components, the challenges of the project included limited space, ground load bearing restrictions and limited capacity on some of Barnhart’s equipment. Many pieces were working in the upper 90% of capacity.

The project will be completed early next year.

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