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Engineering Team Shines in Plant Project

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace fuel heat exchangers at a nuclear plant in Wisconsin. The 14,750 lbs. vessels had to be maneuvered in a small space. To overcome the tight tolerances, the engineering team had to design a … Continue reading

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Cool Tools and Planning Make Dryer Installation Successful

Barnhart specializes in remove and replace projects. We enjoy the challenge involved in safely extricating a component, which is often buried in a tight, congested space with limited access, and replacing it while causing minimal plant disruptions and downtime. These kinds of … Continue reading

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R & R projects, the remove and replace variety, are often challenging, time-sensitive jobs performed during turnarounds and outages. These are the kinds of projects we relish. During a turnaround at a refinery in California, Barnhart was given little notice on … Continue reading

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Barnhart Engineers Provide Solutions for Drum Removal

At a recent job at a refinery in Illinois, Barnhart faced a challenge when removing and replacing a preflash tower reflux accumulator, or drum. The customer requested that Barnhart develop a plan that would avoid removing any additional equipment or … Continue reading

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Time is money during an outage, so the clock was ticking for a Barnhart project at a steel mill in Alabama. Barnhart had just five days to remove and replace a 146,500 lb. pinion stand. But before the project could … Continue reading

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R & R: It’s One of our Specialties

R & R is what we all look forward to, and we’re no different.  But the R & R most people long for – rest and relaxation – is a far cry from what drives us. Barnhart’s definition of R … Continue reading

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