TC3000 - 800 Tons

Heavy Lift Cranes
Barnhart's fleet of heavy lift truck and crawler cranes are professionally managed for reliablity, flexibility and operational excellence through the oversight of the Barnhart Heavy Lift Crane Group. All erection foremen and operators are trained professionals with years of experience and full CCO certification. Combined with the engineering team at Barnhart, our cranes can be placed even in the most demanding and crowded facilities.
  • Superlift attachment available
  • Narrow outrigger positions available for narrow locations
  • Luffing jib attachment and runner jib
  • Vessel lifter jib
  • Self tailing system available for vessels and towers
  • Light (LH) boom available for long range configuration
  • CCO certified operators
  • State of the art computerized operator aids and safety systems
  • Full rigging design, fabrication and supply services
  • All heavy lift cranes are stationed throughout the Eastern US
  • Steel and timber matting available

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