Modular Lift Tower

Rigging Systems
The Barnhart Modular Lift Tower (MLT) is a custom designed alternate lifting method that is a reinvention of heavy lift technology. The pin connected nodal design offers ease of erection without any bolted connection. The innovative design and use of advanced computer modeling technology has produced a tower system that is stable to 250' (75m) without guy wires, improving erection time and reducing site impact. The MLT may be configured to meet the site specific needs of the project including such features as lifting and tailing the vessel as shown in this project. Other features include:
  • Capacities to 1,600 ton with strand jacks
  • Capacities to 500 ton with Barnhart self contained hoist modules
  • Containerized shipping for international and intermodal domestic shipping
  • Erected in less time than most heavy lift cranes
  • Ground loading normally 50% of typical crane lifts
  • Erected using normal site craft labor and construction equipment
  • Tailing operations completed with cranes or alternate methods
  • Each configuration is fully modeled using FEA based programs
  • Designed in consideration of local wind loads
  • Seismic design analysis available for specific geographic conditions

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