At Barnhart, we never stop asking "What if?"

Barnhart's people not only understand capabilities and know limitations, but also look at ways of doing things differently - especially optimization in unforeseen circumstances. A little innovation can make a big difference. Every decision and choice is made to support the customer's objectives as well as to safely deliver on time and within budget.

Barnhart has a team approach for every project the company undertakes. While each project offers challenging opportunities, Barnhart's collaborative approach to problem solving starts with communication with the customer - what does the customer want? The marketing and sales teams bring opportunities back to the engineering and operations teams. With more than 50 engineers devoted to finding new and better ways to lift and transport heavy equipment, our collaborative efforts enable us to hone in on the exact tools and applications that are required for the job.

When a new project opportunity is brought on board, the teams consider innovative solutions by asking, "What if?" "Can we do this?" "What else can we consider?" Innovation - one of Barnhart's core values - sets us apart, as does our nationwide equipment inventory and ability to assemble teams from any of its 40+ branch offices. It is this "a culture of optimization" that enables Barnhart's people to collaborate to find not just a new way, but the best way to achieve our customers' goals.