Barnhart Bets on Goldhofer

Sep 25, 2006

(Memmingen) Goldhofer´s new series of self-propelled heavy-duty modules type PST/SL-E with an electronic multi-way steering based on a sensational steering angle of +/- 135 ° has turned out extraordinarily successful. Since their introduction in June 2004, more than 200 axle lines have been sold world-wide and some dozen axle lines have already reached the American continent. Now Barnhart, a heavy rigging and transportation company founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1969, has also decided in favor of Goldhofer´s latest self-propelling technique.
After its foundation in 1969, Barnhart has quickly developed into a very popular solution provider to heavy industry. Its services range from crane rental and transportation to resettling entire industrial plants. The company owns over 20 branch establishments in the USA.
In the year 1998 already, first contact was established between Goldhofer and Barnhart, and the company bought its first heavy-duty module type THP/SL. Soon Barnhart recognized Goldholfer’s advantages compared to domestic products and other makes and shortly after it acquired its first two self-propelled modules with a mechanical steering transmission. Now over 150 Goldhofer axle lines have already proved their worth.
Inspired by its philosophy “Minds over Matter“, Barnhart has set out on a tremendous expansion course. Thus Goldhofer has received a large-scale order about 108 axle lines to be delivered within a period of 2 to 3 years. The first part delivery is planned for the second half of this year already in order to be able to cope with the strongly increasing transport business.

These new self-propelled heavy-duty modules, series PST/SL-E, made by Goldhofer are equipped with an electronic multi-way steering and have an axle load of 40 tons per axle line. This corresponds to a total capacity of over 4000 tons. Their payload can be increased with any of the already used non-propelled trailers of the series THP/SL, with the advantage that the self-propelled modules can be combined with the trailers without any height adjustment, thus resulting in an absolutely even loading platform. This is possible because these Goldhofer modules with hydrostatic drive have a much lower loading height compared to the usual transport vehicles.

Due to the electronic multi-way steering a variety of steering modes are possible, e.g. countersteering, diagonal steering, carousel steering and 90° transverse steering. While doing so, the vehicles must not be coupled one to another but can be placed freely under any point of the load.

An optimum frame construction allows for an extreme concentration of the load and by means of the hydraulic axle compensation of +/- 300 mm uneven terrain can easily be compensated. Furthermore, lateral stability has been improved considerably compared to customary transport modules due to a basic vehicle width of 3.000 mm.

Usually 4- or 6-axle modules serve as basic modules, which can be delivered with a varying number of driven axle lines, according the tractive force needed, with a tractive force of 140 kN each. There are different kinds of power packs of up to 500 hp. The hydrostatic drive guarantees a stepless and joltfree driving even with the heaviest loads up to a speed of 17 km/h depending on the gradients. Thus this heavy-duty system offers decisive advantages especially in the case of space-critical and difficult transports.

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