Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. Off-loads and Sets Components For Memphis Refinery

Oct 3, 2003

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) -- Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co., a leading provider of heavy rigging and transport solutions, recently performed roll-off operations, on-site transportation and the setting of two major vessels, utilizing an innovative tailing device a refinery in Memphis.

The company was contracted to provide rigging and crane services as part of the refinery's low sulfur fuels project. The two components consisted of a 150-ton splitter column measuring 180 feet in length and 13 feet in diameter, and a 90-ton reactor that measured 80 feet by nine feet in diameter.

“Barnhart is handling our rigging and crane services,” said the construction project manager. “They’ve been easy to work with. They’re an excellent company.”

The two vessels were fabricated in the Houston area and were transported directly to the riverfront site in southwest Memphis on a deck barge via the Mississippi River. Barnhart crews utilized a Goldhofer platform trailer to off-load the splitter column from the barge. The Goldhofer was configured with bolsters on two sets of trailers to off-load the heavier of the two components. A single trailer was used to roll off the reactor.

Both vessels were staged on site and were insulated on the ground. When the insulating commenced, Barnhart brought in a Demag TC3000 truck crane with 236 feet of main boom and decked with full basic and superlift counterweight.

John Moore, sales manager, Barnhart Crane & Rigging, said, “The crane setup was extremely tight, with superlift tail swing issues as well as requiring exact outrigger placement to avoid above and below ground obstructions. The boom had to be erected across a levee with a 180-ton and a 50-ton RT crane, due to limited setup area.”

Next, Barnhart transported the reactor through the plant, passing under several pipe racks and negotiating a 90-degree turn around the plant’s flare stack to proceed down a narrow alley to a low piperack. According to Moore, an LTM 1400, 500-ton hydraulic crane was then positioned behind the reactor to perform tailing operations. The reactor was lifted and set in less than one hour.

Barnhart crews employed 15 lines of platform trailer to transport the splitter column through the plant, often with only inches of clearance around the pipe racks. Once the splitter had been transported to the low pipe rack, crews attached a Barnhart-designed and engineered tailing device to the platform trailer to tail the column. Barnhart employs its innovative tailing device as a cost-saving measure and/or when there is limited space available for a tailing crane. “Due to careful engineering and skilled field crews, both vessels were lifted over live process lines and safely set on their anchor bolts. The use of our tailing device saved the customer time and money over a large tail crane and also minimized the amount of time the road was blocked,” Moore said.

According to the project manager, "The job went smoothly. Barnhart did a very good job. I guess the best thing you could say is that the job was ‘boring,’” he said with a laugh, “and that’s a good thing!”

Barnhart Crane & Rigging, established in 1969, is a leading national supplier of specialized heavy rigging and transportation solutions. The company, with 13 locations across the United States, also provides crane services, machinery moving and plant relocations, as well as project cargo logistics and heavy equipment storage at its 100-acre, 700,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Memphis, Tenn.

Barnhart Crane & Rigging, an ISO 9001 certified supplier, also operates terminal facilities at the Port of Memphis and the deepwater Port of Mobile, Ala. For more information, visit

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