May 8, 2003

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.)—In the best interest of its client, Barnhart Crane and Rigging Co. abandoned traditional methods of heavy lifting during a recent move in Lincoln, Neb. The Memphis, Tenn.-based Barnhart Crane instead utilized proprietary equipment in combination with other lifting systems during the relocation of a turbine to a new power generation station.

“In order to maneuver the sizable turbine through the existing structure, we combined an 800-ton gantry system with a 200-ton overhead trolley hoist, 100 feet of five-foot deep girders, Variable Lift Device (VLD) links and our proprietary multi-purpose spreader bar,” said Jim Yates, Barnhart’s vice president engineering and technical services.

When used in combination, these pieces allowed for a timely, cost effective alternative to using a crane.

“In order for the plant to remain on their construction schedule, we had to devise an approach that would allow them to continue erecting the building, even before the turbine had arrived from the manufacturer,” said Yates. “Our adaptation of the equipment saved the contractor and the plant time and money because they weren’t forced to delay the opening of the plant.”

The 230,000-pound turbine was lifted by the hoist that was mounted on the five-foot deep girder, moved through an incomplete section of the wall of the plant, and then set in place on the pedestal. The turbine was lifted perfectly level by the use of Barnhart’s proprietary multi-purpose spreader bar and adjustable VLD links with attached hydraulic cylinders.

Designed and manufactured by Barnhart, the spreader bar allows for the variable placement of rigging points and unknown centers of gravity to accommodate any piece of heavy machinery. Barnhart safety engineers and staff were on hand to ensure the safe transport and placement of the new turbine.

“Typically, you run into problems with complicated lifts and transports like this, but Barnhart is top notch. We’re real dependent on them,” said the site manager. “They had their gantry system mobilized and set up at a moment’s notice and weren’t deterred by the complications that arose with the steam turbine generator supplier. Their ingenuity in situations like this is why we keep coming back to them.”

Barnhart Crane & Rigging, established in 1969, is a leading national supplier of specialized heavy rigging and transportation solutions. The company, with 14 locations across the United States, also provides crane services, machinery moving and plant relocations, as well as project cargo logistics and heavy equipment storage at its 100-acre, 700,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Memphis, Tenn. Barnhart Crane & Rigging, an ISO 9001 certified supplier, also operates terminal facilities at the Port of Memphis; Decatur, Ala.; and the deepwater Port of Mobile, Ala. For more information, visit

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