Barnhart: Knock-out Drum Transport

Dec 19, 2015

From BreakBulk

Last winter, Barnhart was hired to move a knock out drum (KO) to a refinery in Ohio. The KO drum, which weighed around 220,000 lbs. was 72 feet long, 18 feet tall and 21 feet wide. The project started at the Port of Catoosa in Oklahoma and was destined for the Port of Toledo in Ohio. Barnhart loaded the drum into a hopper barge until it reached Chicago where the drum was offloaded. It was then loaded onto a Barnhart-owned ABS certified deck barge for transport to Toledo with Barnhart’s 550 ton crane. That’s where things got icy.

The narrow waterway that connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron was stopped by ice. The straits and parts of the lakes were frozen solid due to the extreme temperatures produced by the polar vortex. To keep the shipping channel open a Coast Guard ice breaker was brought in to clear a path though the ice, which could be up to a foot thick. The barge was then escorted through the ice and safely reached its destination at the Port of Toledo.

Location: Lake Michigan, USA

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