Barnhart Wins Two 2008 Rigging Job of the Year Awards

May 4, 2008

Barnhart recently won two Rigging Jobs of the Year Awards by the Specialized Crane and Rigging Association for its ability to develop innovative solutions to reduce customer’s profit-consuming downtime.

One award was given for Barnhart’s work at a Mid-West nuclear plant. The company was challenged to erect a new 104’ long 75 ton overhead crane inside a congested 80’ x 22’ work space while the plant was in full operation. To accommodate the length, the crane was separated into two halves. To facilitate lifting the crane halves, a specialized lifting device was fabricated. The device allowed Barnhart to enter the crane half through the top, rotate ninety degrees, and attach to the crane half girder flange.

The other winning job was for a project Barnhart completed at Oklahoma paper-mill to replace aging two boilers. To keep the plant on-line during the retrofit, the team removed, lowered, transported and re-erected two 600 Ton precipitators. The process was reversed for installation of the precipitators onto a new structure. The job featured many unique tools such as the custom integrated jacking system, a 1,000 ton slide system, the Barnhart Modular Lift Tower and our new Goldhofer PSTe electronic steer trailer. Each move was completed ahead of schedule in only 11 days.

If reducing downtime and increasing efficiency is important in your next project, call Barnhart and let them put awarding winning solutions to work for you.

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