Embodying mind over matter

Aug 25, 2004

For thirty-five years, Barnhart Crane and Rigging ( has been a leading national supplier of specialized heavy rigging and transportation solutions. Their fourteen locations throughout the United States, along with a presence in Sao Paulo, Brazil provide heavy rigging, heavy transportation and plant relocations, in addition to project cargo logistics and heavy equipment storage at a 100-acre, 700,000 square feet warehouse facility in Memphis, Tennessee.

An ISO 9001 supplier, Barnhart offers a full range of conventional and customer equipment backed by an innovative engineering staff. With an established, national reputation for solving challenges to projects, Barnhart specializes in the movement of equipment for the refining and petrochemical process industry. They aggressively pursue innovative ways to utilize cutting-edge technologies. Clients value the cost and time saving Barnhart typically brings to their projects. Whether you need to lift something, move it by water or over land, Barnhart has the experience and the expertise to provide an innovative solution, from providing the overall logistics, to moving your cargo, to setting it in place.

Barnhart has the right tool for the job. Not many companies have the scope of equipment or depth of engineering resources that they offer. Their broad capabilities result in client confidence in projects being completed that ensure safety and efficiencies in methods that minimize total costs.

The company has built a following with owners and contractors alike by providing more than just equipment but ideas. Oftentimes the ideas require new tools not available in the marketplace. To meet this need Barnhart operates a fully capable engineering, fabrication and testing facility in Memphis. These professional engineers have used tools such as Finite Element Analysis, 3-D autocad and other modeling programs to build some of the most versatile tools in the industry.

Barnhart's Modular Lift Tower is one of the tools that stretches the boundaries of performance. This equipment offers a competitive and cost efficient alternative to heavy lift cranes. Not only is the system fully containerized, it is the container. This makes the system less costly to ship and dramatically reduces mobilization costs. No one else can give their customers 1500 tons of lifting capacity in 20 containers.

Entering the Houston Market

Barnhart recently announced an expansion into Houston. The branch is built around fixtures in the heavy rigging industry– the Davenport brothers. They will rely on the leadership team of David, Dennis, Donnie and Richard Davenport. The brothers have been key players in the development of the heavy transportation and heavy rigging business in North America and specifically in the oil and gas industry of Texas and Louisiana.

The operation focuses on heavy rigging and transportation on the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast. The initial equipment fleet will include Goldhofer trailers, prime movers; hydraulic gantries slide systems and Barnhart's innovative equipment such as the Modular Lift Tower. "The Davenports are leaders in our industry and cement an atmosphere for success in the region due to their exceptional reputation. Our unique approach to lifting challenges is a perfect fit that will expand our opportunities nationwide", said Jeff Lature, Senior Vice-President, Contracting.

Dennis Davenport stated "(t) he national reputation, scope of equipment and depth of resources that Barnhart possess for solving problems immediately enables us to meet the needs of our customers. We see this as a perfect fit."

Clients come to the source

Large-scale projects in the power and refining industry create challenges for engineering and construction firms along with plant owners. The work performed must minimize the cost and impact of these jobs. Due mostly to environmental requirements for upgrades, the need for a competitive advantage has led firms such as Kellogg-Brown & Root to tap into the innovative skills of key subcontractors to provide ideas to bring efficiencies.

By going to Barnhart to see first hand their services and capabilities, KBR and others have the chance to investigate solutions that lower the total cost to erect heavy process vessels in refineries and other applications. "The need for competitive advantage, especially in environmental compliance projects with no significant profit justification makes the ability to views these solutions invaluable," states Dave Olivarez, Rigging and Engineering Manager for KBR.

Nothing beats "kicking the tires" of new technology to get a feel for capability. Time spent with engineers and planners leads to new ideas and technologies that can be the “edge” on a project.

Expansive future

As Barnhart continues to take advantage of opportunities in diverse industry sectors, they are creating a network of branches that collaborate resources and expertise to serve these clients. Barnhart uses these "brains" to maximize brawn through the use of the knowledge and experience of well-regarded employees that create innovative uses of modern equipment.

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