Hanford Moves Out Nine Radioactive "Hot Cells"

May 19, 2010

HANFORD— A big part of Hanford's clean-up effort is taking place right now. That’s nine radioactive "hot cells" packed up in custom containers and sealed for disposal. It's work that's years in the making.

KEPR was the only station there as workers rolled out another hot cell.
Each can weigh up to 200 tons. It's just one reason the work is slow. It also moves slowly because what's inside the containers is very, very dangerous. Gary Snow runs the demolition part of today’s project.

“The purpose of the building was to do testing on radiating materials. And over the course of the building, there were numerous accidents that spread contaminations,” said Snow.

The hot cell rolled out Thursday was not rolled out in the morning because it was too windy. But once it is, it will go in a custom brown container and will be filled with a cement grout.

By summer-- all the material in the nine containers will be shipped to Hanford's Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility.

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