The Last Relic of an Era Leaves Memphis

Jul 23, 2004

(Memphis) For more than 20 years the CBI – GE facility at the end of Presidents Island produced major components for the nuclear power industry. Nuclear reactors, vessels and other process components in excess of 800 tons were routine work for this world class facility. Following the crash of the nuclear construction boom in the late 70’s several of the unused components went into indefinite storage outside of the now idle shop. Recently Barnhart was called upon to load-out the last of these symbols of an change in the politics of power generation.

The former nuclear process vessel was purchased by one of the country’s largest private energy companies to serve as a hydrotreating reactor in a south Texas oil refinery. Once at the facility, the reactor would be used to remove sulfur from fuel during processing. The refiner’s project contractor came to Barnhart to transport load the vessel through Barnhart’s Heavy Lift Terminal at the Port of Memphis.

“It has been a while since we transferred 800 tons through this facility so we took the responsible step of updating Ichabod’s certification” stated Scott Wilson, Project Manager, Barnhart Crane and Rigging, Memphis. Barnhart relied on their Ichabod Crane, the 1,250 derrick located on the Mississippi River in Memphis to handle the job. “This is the work that Ichabod was intended to perform so there was no problem recertifying the crane and performing a flawless lift,” Wilson continued.

In addition to transporting and loading the reactor, Barnhart was responsible for preparing the unit for barge shipment. Barnhart engineered and supplied sea fastenings and load distribution equipment for safe stowage of the reactor on it’s way for a new life.

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