Dryer Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace two Through Air Dryers during an outage at a pulp and paper mill. Low headroom and tight quarters were an issue from start to finish. To remove the old dryers, the team used pull up gantries, the 500-ton slide system, a custom designed lifting frame, 500-ton gantries, a 200-ton swivel beam assembly and a 150-kip tipstick.

The frame had to sit on top of pull-up gantries as well as facilitate lifting from above with rigging straps. The dryers had to start rotating before they were fully clear of the unit.

Obstructions limited the slide and gantry track layout. Between each dryer and the beam underneath there was only 2 1/4" inches of clearance. The lifting frame had to be installed in that tight clearance.

The dryers were taken to a rail dock with a versa-lift and the process was reversed to install the new dryers. The job was completed successfully without incidents and almost five shifts ahead of schedule.