Blow Out Preventer Transport

Barnhart has successfully transported over 50 blowout preventers (BOPs) from the manufacturing facility site, 55 miles to the Barnhart Port Facility located at the Port of Houston Turning Basin - City Dock 32.

Each BOP consists of two sections. The base is called the Lower Stack and the upper section called a Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP)

The Lower Stack weighs 505,000 lbs, is 21' long X 31' high X 21' wide.

Barnhart Engineering designed a method to integrate the downending and transport of the lower stack into one system to haul the piece in a horizontal position on dual lane Goldhofer trailer.

The 21'6" transport height of the stack on the Goldhofer posed transport challenges. In fact, there was only 1' clearance to travel the stack under one overpass on the haul route.

The LMRP weighing 240,000 lb. was hauled on Barnhart's 14-line drop deck Goldhofer trailer.

Once at the Barnhart Port Facility, the CC4000 upends the Lower Stack section, sets it in its skid and the same is done to the LMRP.

The customer restacks, tests and paints the BOPs before Barnhart delivers them to alongside a steamship line for delivery overseas.

When Barnhart began moving these BOP packages, it was done over two nights, today the moves happen within a day's shift meeting the customer's timeline.

Congratulations to the haul and port teams for continuing to safely serve the subsea oil and gas industry.