Storage and Preservation

Whether your project is delayed or your equipment is early, Barnhart stands ready to unload, store and reload your heavy cargo in one of our many locations. With rail, land and deep water access and vast experience in handling a variety of heavy cargo, Barnhart is a logical choice for your storage needs.

Barnhart also offers long-term services for the storage, handling and logistics of critical operating spares for power plants, process facilities and other businesses. Our warehousing, labor, trucking and maintenance services offer customers a unique package to help insure operational success.

  • Over 700,000 Square Feet of Indoor Storage
  • Access Via Land, Water and Rail
  • Inventory Management Services
  • Facilities Located in the Central US, Great Lakes, Gulf Coast, Mid Atlantic, and Pacific Coast
  • Turnkey Logistics and Rigging Services from Manufacturer to Storage to Anchor Bolts
  • Expedited Equipment Shipment
  • Port of Memphis Heavy Lift Terminal featuring our 1,250 Ton Derrick Crane
  • Port of Mobile Heavy Lift Floating Crane
  • Deep Water Port Access