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Barnhart’s Modular Lift Tower: A Perfect Response to Industry Demands, Part I

Many large, heavy lift projects require work in subpar conditions. Congested power plants, refineries, and factories complicate the lifting and transport processes: laying down equipment, setting up and tearing down machinery, and allowing entry for cranes or other lifting devices.

modular lift tower 1

In the nation’s very competitive construction industry, developers constantly call for the use of bigger and bigger equipment in smaller and smaller project spaces. Many times the site’s ground conditions will restrict the use of heavy lift cranes and trailers.

Not only does a lack of space create problems, but remotely located sites also increase the costs for transporting equipment and cargo. In fact, the mobilization of these items often skyrocket costs for customers.

Advanced engineering, increasing modularization of equipment, and a need for higher efficiency have pushed the limits of conventional heavy lift strategies and completely transformed the traditional erection industry. Barnhart’s team of engineers sought to overcome perceived limitations and create a very unique lifting system that solved the problems of congested sites, poor ground conditions, and inefficient mobilization.

To do this, Barnhart designed a solution, the Modular Lift Tower, which offers versatility, portability, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and safety. The modular lift tower offers a competitive alternative to traditional heavy lift cranes, especially when you consider that the MLT boasts an unbelievable 1,600-ton nominal capacity.

Unlike heavy lift cranes, crews can assemble and disassemble the MLT’s in and above other equipment. Barnhart engineers specifically designed the MLT to fit into the most crowded spaces for extremely heavy lifts. An MLT can perform tasks that are impractical or even impossible for a crane.

The MLT’s number of possible configurations offers an unmatched versatility. The tower boasts a seemingly unlimited heavy lift capacity with the luxury of low ground loading. MLT’s require no guying and significantly minimize mobilization costs.

In this three part series, we’ll examine the MTL’s versatility and portability, reliability and safety, and its cost-effectiveness. Its versatility and portability allow the MLT to enter and adapt to practically any site. Its reliability and safety reduce overall project time, avoid project incidents, and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction. And finally, its minimal mobilization costs and efficiency lower project costs.

To learn more, please look into our Modular Lift Tower by watching a cool video.