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Barnhart's Omaha Facility provides a wide variety of lifting and transportation services with a broad selection of equipment services in Omaha, including Crane Service, Industrial Machinery Moving and Transportation Solutions.

Nebraska Crane Rental Service The supply of cranes to heavy industry is more than providing the right equipment to make the lift; it's our certified and trained operators that make the difference. Here at Barnhart we prioritize your safety and a job well done. Whether you have a lift to set equipment on a roof or need a crane to set a reactor in tight quarters of a refinery, Barnhart stands ready to safely and efficiently meet all of your crane rental needs in Omaha.

Industrial Machinery Moving With an experienced crew and a complete line of rigging equipment, the Barnhart team is equipped and ready to customize machinery moving solutions for your company. From a single piece of equipment to your entire facility, we will provide efficient and cost-effective answers to all of your machinery moving challenges, whatever they may be.

Transportation Solutions Let Barnhart's experienced transportation team solve your difficult transportation problems with innovated solutions. Bridge crossing systems, dolly combinations and state-of-the-art equipment allow our award-winning team of engineers to develop a transportation solution that will save your project time and money.

Because Omaha is part of the Barnhart Team, through the combined resources of all of the our branches, we can offer a wide variety of Heavy Rigging and Transportation Services anywhere in the U.S. and across the globe. Call Barnhart today.

Geographic Areas Served:

Omaha's primary service area includes Omaha, Fremont, Wahoo, Columbus, Blair, Nebraska City, NE, Council Bluffs, Harlan, Atlantic, Denison, IA Rock Port, MO, And surrounding areas



Grove All Terrain 450Ton 197' Main Boom, 82'-259' Luffing Jib, 438'Max
Link-Belt All Terrain 275Ton 223' Main Boom, 40'-117' Luffing Jib, 340'Max
Grove All Terrain 275Ton 223' Main Boom, 39'-121' Luffing Jib, 344'Max
Grove All Terrain 210Ton 197' Main Boom, 42'-124' Luffing Jib, 321'Max
Link-Belt Truck Crane 110Ton 164' Main Boom, 10'-90' Jib, 254'Max
Link-Belt Truck Crane 90Ton 140' Main Boom, 35'-58' Jib, 254'Max
2x Link-Belt Truck Crane 75Ton 127' Main Boom, 38'-96' Jib, 223'Max
Link-Belt Rough Terrain Crane 75Ton 127' Main Boom, 39'-67' Jib, 194'Max
Link-Belt Truck Crane 60Ton 110' Main Boom, 28'-51' Jib, 161'Max
Manitex Boom Truck 40Ton 123' Main Boom, 31'-55' Jib, 178'Max
Shuttle-Lift Carry Deck Crane 15Ton 52' Main Boom, 15' Jib, 67'Max
Spyder Crane 3 ton 28' main Boom, 6' jib, 34' max

Specialty Equipment:

2x 40,000# forklifts with booms
9K - 12K Rough Terrain forklifts
Lift Systems Mini Jack Gantrys
8 and 12 axle heavy haul
Man baskets, skip boxes, pallet forks

Omaha, NE
Phone: 402-731-1480

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