Barnhart's Richland Facility

2579 Stevens Drive, Suite 101 Richland, WA 99354
(509) 554-5622



Barnhart's Richland office specializes in Heavy Transportation and Engineered Heavy Rigging, specifically custom engineered applications for multiple markets including Nuclear Power.

Because the Richland branch is part of the entire Barnhart Team, through the combined resources of all of our branches, we can offer a wide variety of Heavy Rigging and Transportation Services anywhere in the U.S. and across the globe. Call Barnhart today.

Geographic Areas Served:

The Richland office of Barnhart primarily services the Western United States. Areas include Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oregon, California, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, as well as Vancouver B.C.


Equipment available though the Richland Branch includes Barnhart's Modular Lift Tower, Gantry Systems, Platform trailers, Prime Movers, Dolly Transporters, Slide systems, Hydraulic Jacking, and barging with row-row operations. Also, our nationwide inventory gives you access to a wide variety of equipment; including cranes from 8.5 tons to 1,760 tons, Hydraulic Gantries, Goldholfer platform trailers, Heavy Rigging including Modular Lift Tower, Gantry Systems, Slide Systems, forklifts and other unique rigging tools.

Richland, WA
Phone: (509) 554-5622

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