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Rigging & Transport

Philadelphia Branch

10 Industrial Hwy., MS-81
(B-Complex, A-Aisle)
Lester, PA 19029
(610) 499-1790

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Keeping Business on the Move

HAKE has been THE rigging and transportation provider serving the Delaware Valley and beyond for nearly 100 years. Joining the Barnhart network has only made our localized service stronger - we are still your reliable Philadelphia rigging company, but now with a nationwide inventory at our back. For rigging and heavy hauling services in Pennsylvania, you won't find better than Barnhart.

We have been a major part of the Philadelphia building industry. We have serviced all kinds of industries, including nuclear and fossil power, oil refining, steel, power distribution, storage, and others. As one of the most respected rigging companies in Pennsylvania, we are the first call for meeting industry needs.

We've broadened our scope of services by expanding our engineering capabilities and adding access to new and innovative equipment so we can assure that our customers receive the best when it comes to rigging and transportation. It's the same level of service you expect, plus new skills and techniques that add value to your projects. We're ready to get your job done with a name you trust.

10 Industrial Hwy., MS-81
(B-Complex, A-Aisle)
Lester, PA 19029
(610) 499-1790

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  • Philadelphia
  • the state of Pennsylvania
  • the Delaware Valley
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • New York
  • Connecticut
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts
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Heavy Lift Cranes Service Image

Heavy Lift Cranes

With heavy lift cranes to 1,800 tons, Barnhart's lifting service gives you the capability to tackle the largest jobs.

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Crane Service Service Image

Crane Service

Barnhart lifting service has one of the largest taxi crane inventories in North America.

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Innovative Rigging Service Image

Innovative Rigging

Having the right tool is critical for any project, but often a need is so challenging that it requires a device that is specifically designed for that unique problem.

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Machinery Moving Service Image

Machinery Moving

Barnhart has both the expertise and specialized equipment to move heavy equipment safely, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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On-Site Heavy Haul Service Image

On-Site Heavy Haul

Moving large equipment in, through and around a plant often requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure the project is completed safely.

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Over-the-Road Heavy Haul Service Image

Over-the-Road Heavy Haul

Moving heavy, superload equipment within the U.S. is a difficult challenge.

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Project Cargo Logistics Service Image

Project Cargo Logistics

Moving cargo of more than 100 tons across the state or across the country?

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Barging Service Image


Make optimum use of the advantages of the nation's inland waterways with Barnhart's expertise.

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Barnhart's nationwide inventory gives you access to a wide variety of equipment; including cranes from 8.5 tons to 1,760 tons, Hydraulic Gantries, Goldholfer platform trailers, Heavy Rigging including Modular Lift Tower, Gantry Systems, Slide Systems, forklifts and other unique rigging tools. Learn more about available equipment.

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