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Bridge Removal

A bridge in Yalobusha County, Mississippi, collapsed into the Skuna River Basin in 2021. Work to repair the bridge started in early 2022. The contractor brought on Barnhart to provide a lift system that could recover the sunken bridge sections.

The crew developed a first-time solution, assembling a Modular Lift Tower (MLT) on modular barges with strand jacks and girders.

The MLT and 5’ girders supported the jacks and allowed them to be positioned over the sunken sections. The 70-ton strand jacks were used to lift the bridge sections out of the river.

Barnhart successfully lifted the first section from the water and set the piece on a barge. The section was relocated to a riverbank, where it was broken up and hauled away. The Barnhart crew will recover at least one more section in the coming months.