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Chiller Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was contacted to provide a rigging solution for the removal and replacement of three 2,500 pound chiller units on the #3 turbine at a hydroelectric facility in Tennessee.

The onsite overhead crane was only designed to extend to the center of the turbine, falling about 12 feet short of reaching the chillers. There was no way to utilize a truck crane because the turbine was on the far side of the dam. It looked like a job for Barnhart’s Mini Movable counterweight cantilever system (MOCCS).

The Mini MOCCS was used with the client’s overhead crane to reach the chiller units. The system allowed the load to pivot and skirt around the outside of the turbine houses with less than one foot of horizontal clearance.

The job was completed in less than one shift and the customer was extremely pleased with the method and professionalism of the Barnhart associates.