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Deaerator Haul

Barnhart was hired to move four 300-ton deaerators to two separate nuclear plants. They were fabricated in South Korea, so Barnhart had to receive all four from ship's gear and then transfer them to a barge, roll off and haul them to their destination.

The first two arrived at the port of Savannah, were transferred to a deck barge, and then hauled 70 miles using 16 lines of EasTrac to a plant in Georgia. Months later, the second two deaerators arrived at the Port of Charleston. This time Barnhart had to use a smaller deck barge due to the size restriction on the Pinopolis Lock on Lake Moultrie. Once the cargo was rolled off, it was hauled 170 miles to a plant in South Carolina.

The deaerators had to be transported over the road because they were too large to receive rail clearance. This necessitated extensive planning on Barnhart's part, including meeting two different states DOT requirements. Extensive bridge analysis was required on 50 plus bridges, plus shoring of a number of bridges. The move required the overhead relocation of hundreds of electrical and communication wires. Finally, to accommodate the turning radius of the 150' long EasTrac, major haul route improvements had to be made. The project took place over an 18-month period.