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Dryer Drum Remove and Replace

Tight areas proved to be a challenge for a project involving the removal and replacement of a dryer drum at a pulp and paper plant in Louisiana. Before the crane could be set up, loads of rock had to be brought in to level out the ground and create sufficient ground bearing pressure. Mats were then placed over the rock, and the crane set up was performed during a rainstorm, increasing its difficulty.

The existing dryer drum was removed using a 58-foot long spreader bar. The CC600 had a very tight area in which to maneuver, lift, and swing the dryer. Barnhart was able to lift the drum with the superlift system pinned off, then boom up to decrease the radius and unpin the superlift to swing the dryer.

The new 150,000-pound dryer drum had been offloaded with a 500-ton and a 165-ton crane and staged inside the plant.

This drum was brought to the CC600, and the process was reversed to set it into place. The project required the resources of Barnhart's Houston and West Monroe branches.