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Gas Cooler Removal and Replacement

Barnhart was hired to remove and replace a gas cooler at a chemical plant in Iowa. There were many obstacles along the path including overhead pipes, steel columns and concrete footers. The crew did a site walk to help devise a plan.

A method was devised using a Slide/Swivel Rigging Device (SSRD) consisting of a pair of slide tracks supported at each end by gantries with a sliding “trolley” containing a swiveling rigging point. The crew performed a mock-up to test their theory before going into the plant.

The vessel was 32’ long with roughly 3 feet of clearance on three sides. From the top of the vessel to the overhead piping was just 2’6” of clearance. It sat on 6’ concrete piers. The SSRD was set up with the gantry tracks offset 45 degrees.

It was then transported on two SofTracs, which are 12’ long polyurethane crawler tracks and a carbody. The system’s low height profile and maneuverability made it ideal for the job.

The SofTrac carriers brought the old vessel out and the new one in. The process was then reversed to replace the cooler. The project was awarded an SC&RA Job of the Year.