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Generator Transport

Barnhart was asked to come up with the best mode of transportation to deliver two 500,000 lb. generators from the Port of Houston to a power generating station in Arizona. The manufacturer's contract with the station required that the delivery of each generator was two months apart on or before specific dates. Barnhart and the client decided to haul the generators using their GS- 800 Girder Transport System from the Port to the station located outside of Phoenix. The total haul distance was just over 1,700 miles, which necessitated obtaining all city, county and state permits in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

Barnhart's Long Beach, Calif. heavy haul crew received the first generator on August 21 from the ship's hook at the Port of Houston and had to wait a couple of days to clear customs.

Once loaded onto the GS-800 Transport System, the crew encountered a detour en route in Texas due to road construction delays caused by weather. The alternate route added over 100 miles to the haul. Despite that delay, Barnhart delivered the first generator at 6:00 am, one day before the delivery deadline.