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Press Set

An industrial site in Wisconsin needed a 185,000-pound press set inside one of its buildings. The press had been hauled to the site and set on a trailer. After the press was offloaded from the trailer, Barnhart transported it inside using a Goldhofer PSTe.

Floor loading was an issue, so Barnhart used a 6 line PSTe to help distribute the load. One inch steel plates were also laid on the floor to further distribute the weight. Clearance was also a factor, as the Goldhofer only had a foot of clearance between the two building columns. The press was attached to header beams.

The team used 400-ton gantries to lower and set the press to its foundation. Once the press was set, the Goldhofer was removed. Though the project was scheduled for three shifts, Barnhart was able to complete it in two.