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Screen House Motor Removal & Replacement

Description: Barnhart was contracted in by a Midwest nuclear plant to plan, engineer and safely remove and replace a 12 ton pump motor out and back into a screen house doorway. Challenges: The 9-1/2 ft long x 5ft diameter pump motor needed to be moved in the horizontal orientation through a low headroom doorway out to the customer's crane hook. Along with the low headroom horizontal doorway frame, the exit path also contained a diagonal brace that the customer did not want to remove.


Barnhart's removal and replacement solution was our 100 ton lite slide system which allowed for efficient set up by hand by Barnhart's field crew. The 100 ton lite slide system also benefited the job with it's controlled in line movement, which the customer wanted after replacing this same motor years ago with a less than controlled air skate system. The Barnhart 100 ton slide track was able to lay directly on the floor (on top of plastic shims), eliminating the need for and elaborate steel plate floor prep previously required with the old air skate system.

The Barnhart 100 ton lite slide system is frequently used at United States nuclear facilities for removing and replacing small maintenance department components. It's efficient set up and disassembly, controlled in line movement, and small footprint make it a solution for many nuclear motor, pump, valve, and piping replacement scopes of work.

Using the right tool for the job, Barnhart was able to remove the motor in less than a shift, and able to replace it a few days later in the same efficient schedule.