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Stacker Reclaimer Slew Bearing Replacement

Barnhart was hired to help with a slew bearing replacement at a pulp and paper mill in Alabama.

The crew set up and provided an operated pull-up gantry system (PUGs) to lift hardwood and pine stacker reclaimers 18” in order for the bearings to be replaced.

The hardwood stacker reclaimer weighed 670,000 pounds and the pine stacker reclaimer weighed 580,000 pounds, which made the PUGs even more valuable. Beyond high capacity, PUGs can block the units making it safe for crew to work underneath. They are also equipped with a holding valve for additional safety.

This allowed the customer’s crew to successfully install the new bearings. The project was completed safely and ahead of schedule, saving a total of four days of outage time for the mill.