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Surge Tank Haul and Set

Barnhart was tasked with delivering a surge tank vessel from a fabricator in Paramount, California to Lake Mead, Nevada, a distance of 490 miles. The vessel was 105’ long and weighed 310,000 pounds. It was hauled by a 10-line Goldhofer and two push trucks, making for a combined total weight of 548,450 pounds and an eventual length of 180 feet.

Barnhart had to mobilize, assemble and operate specialized transportation equipment, prime mover escorts, and support equipment. They secured all permits from the required Departments of Transportation and other authorities. The convoy relied on the assistance of the California and Nevada highway patrol in order to make its necessary turns.

The vessel was delivered successfully due to the combined efforts of Barnhart’s preplanning and field team and all the third parties along the route, from utility crews to city and county inspectors.

The tank was offloaded from the Goldhofer and set using 500-ton one shot gantries.