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Vessel Replacement

Problem: Barnhart was hired to replace a stripper vessel which was 80' down and unable to be removed through the top.

Solution: Barnhart used the tri-bar and tri-block which allowed the rigging to be passed down and along the side.

Barnhart was contracted to replace a 125 kip stripper vessel. The vessel was located about 80' down inside the unit. Removal through the top was not possible without disassembly of the unit and removal of much larger equipment which would dictate a much larger crane and a longer outage.

The Barnhart solution was to use the tri-block and tri-bar combination to allow rigging to be passed down through the unit and on the outside so that the combo could be used to lift the vessel, swing to the obstruction, and pass from one "hook" to the other through the side of the unit.

The process was reversed to place the new stripper in the unit. Barnhart finished the project ahead of schedule. We assembled the crane and prepped the unit the first day, lifted out in one, replaced in one and moved the crane out on the fourth day, resulting in a satisfied customer.