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Weighing Services

Barnhart now has the world's most sophisticated (yet affordable) weighing system in its inventory. When it comes to accuracy, the Hydrospex HLC system outperforms any hydraulic fluid weighing system available today.

Program capabilities are not limited to provide information about single scale load and total load, but by input of individual scale coordinates into the software. Therefore, the system can determine the exact location of the center-of-gravity (COG).

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• Scales of different capacities can work with the same transmitter.

• Single scale cells range from 50 to 100 Tons.

• The receiver can read the load of up to 30 scales at the same time.

• Scales are engineered around the principle of Belly-construction.

• System accuracy: < 0.5% of scale capacity.

• Power requirement: 10 hours on batteries without charging (110-230 VAC).