Project Cargo Logistics

Learn about Barnhart's "Anchor to Anchor Bolts" Solution

Why bother with a "3PL" when you can lower your overall costs using a "1PL"? In North America no other company can match Barnhart's resume of experience, equipment, and geographic footprint to provide a full range of logistics and rigging services. Barnhart will save you time, money, and provide ease of mind. Our "Anchor to Anchor Bolts" process can take your heavy cargo all the way from port of entry to erection at its destination. Stop adding layers of costs using third party logistics. Simplify. Go with a One Party Logistics provider - Barnhart.

  • Heavy Haul
  • Turnkey Rail, Land, and Water Transportation Services
  • Dolly Transporters to 1,000 Tons
  • Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT )
  • Electronic Steer Platform Trailers (PSTe)
  • Dual Lane Transporters
  • Barge Roll On/Roll Off
  • Barge Service Logistics
  • Specialized Rail Services
  • Memphis Heavy Lift Terminal Featuring 1,250 Ton Derrick Crane
  • 400 Ton Heavy Lift Floating Crane
  • Specialized Transformer Transportation
  • Transportation Feasibility Studies
  • Heavy Industrial Warehousing with Rail and Water Access
  • Dedicated "River Train" Service
  • Great Lakes Heavy Lift Terminal
  • Great Lakes Floating Barge Crane