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10 Tips for Working from Home

The coronavirus has forced many of us to start working remotely from home. It is an adjustment, particularly if your spouse and kids are there as well. Still, it’s important to keep a work mindset, even when you’re home.  Here’s some tips.

  1. Create a separate workspace.  A counter in the kitchen, the couch or the bed isn’t an ideal work environment. Have a designated workspace with a comfortable chair, a desk at the right height and good lighting.  And preferably one that has a door.
  2. Keep regular hours.  It might be tempting to sleep a little later and work a little later. Stick to your regular schedule. Post your hours for the rest of the house to see.  When the work day is over, it’s over.
  3. Get ready for the day. You may want to stay in your pjs, but act as if you’re going to work.  Take a shower and look presentable, even if you are in more casual clothes. It really affects how you approach your work. Plus, you’ll also be ready for the video conference call later that day.   
  4. Check your bandwidth. Your internet access may not be up to speed, literally, to handling the additional load of everyone at home. Some companies are offering free upgrades during this time. 
  5. Set boundaries. This not only applies to the people you live with, but with your pets as well.
  6. Move – Think about the amount of times you walk to the printer or the office of a colleague at work. You don’t have that at home.  Set a timer to make sure you move around periodically. Use your lunch break to take a walk with your spouse or dog. 
  7.  Embrace technology. Technology has made it easier to meet with your colleagues with Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. Noise cancelling headphones are also a good investment.
  8. Communicate – Casual water cooler conversation and updates go by the wayside when we’re stuck at home.  Keep bosses and colleagues informed on what you’re working on or challenges you might be facing. That also helps you feel less isolated.    
  9. Take breaks. According to an article in Inc. the most productive people take a 17 minute break every 52 minutes. So if for you it’s an hour with a 15 minute break, set a timer and take that break. That’s also a good time for you to move.  
  10. Minimize distractions. Dogs, children, social media, laundry, news updates. Distractions abound at home.  Shut them out and check back in during those breaks. 

Remember, we’re all in this together. So stay strong, be kind and keep healthy.