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15-Week Transport Job Attracts Audience

Barnhart recently transported 63 nacelles and hubs from the Port of Brownsville, Texas to a wind farm in Rio Hondo. With so many pieces to move, it was a job that would stretch out over months.   

The hubs, which weighed 127,000 lb. with dimensions of 80’L x 14’7″W x 16’5″H, were transported on a 3-axle double drop trailer.  The 244,945 lb. nacelles were carried on a 14-line THP.  They were 107’ L by x 13’6″W x 17’3″.

The team transported the equipment to the site five to six pieces a week over 15 weeks. Every day they followed the same 42-mile route. The caravan was accompanied by police escorts and crews who raised utility lines along the route to accommodate the height of the pieces.

Needless to say, the daily caravan attracted a lot of attention in part because of its sheer size. Pretty soon it had an audience, in particular two children who stood in their front yard and waved to the crew as they drove by. They held handwritten signs that read, “Have a Good Day.”

For the crew, the presence of the children and their cheerful message was a bright spot in a rather monotonous routine. After some consideration, they came up with an idea to surprise them.    

One day the crew stopped the caravan in front of the house. They delivered a couple of hard hats with plenty of Barnhart stickers to the two excited children.

“The children became a part of our routine that we really looked forward to,” said Operator Donald Prather. “We wanted to show them how much we appreciated them.”

Donald Prather and Brandon Pike with one of the children.