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Accident Investigation Training Course Announced from ITI

New course designed to offer students the opportunity to investigate multiple accident scenes

Industrial Training International (, a world leader in crane and rigging training, is proud to unveil the world’s first in-depth crane and rigging accident investigation training course.  Officially titled, Accident Investigation for Cranes, Rigging and Material Handling Operations, the course will feature three accident scenes to be analyzed by participants.  Scenes include a mobile crane, rigging, and forklift accident.

The ultimate goal of those who practice lifting activities is to complete lifts while staying accident free; unfortunately, lifting accidents occur worldwide on an almost daily basis.  ITI’s Accident Investigation Course is the first step an organization can take to prepare for proper response to a load handling incident.

“Our Field Services team has conducted accident investigations for nearly 30 years. We wanted to bring what we’ve learned to organizational management teams, so that they would have the knowledge and skills to conduct internal investigations and help prevent future incidents,” commented Mike Parnell, President/CEO of ITI.

ITI Innovation Leads to Accident Investigation Course

Over the past quarter-century, ITI has become recognized by clients and competitors alike as having an innovative and pioneering attitude toward training, and for having raised the current levels of instruction for cranes, rigging, and lifting activities.

Since its inception as Wire Rope & Rigging Consultants in 1986, ITI has consistently added to its curriculum which currently contains over 30 courses.  ITI’s newest course proves the company is willing to push industry boundaries by exposing students to the most realistic accident training sites in the world.

Major Investments in the Course

To do the new course justice, and the “ITI way”, a substantial investment was made in both human capital and physical assets.  After hundreds of man-hours were spent in planning and course development, ITI Instructors systematically tipped over a Grove TM-180 (18-ton truck-mounted crane) at the ITI Training Center in Woodland, Washington.  A “dropped load” rigging accident was also setup as well as a forklift, which was turned onto its side.

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