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Barnhart Engineers Provide Solutions for Drum Removal

At a recent job at a refinery in Illinois, Barnhart faced a challenge when removing and replacing a preflash tower reflux accumulator, or drum.

The customer requested that Barnhart develop a plan that would avoid removing any additional equipment or platforms located above the drum, and the team had a limited work area on the drum platform itself. Barnhart’s staff engineers provided a solution utilizing an elevated slide system allowing 33-kip sliding gantries to slide into the structure. The drum was rigged to the Lift Systems 44A gantries and slid to an open area where it could be handed off to a crane hook for removal.

Barnhart uses an elevated slide system and gantries to remove the drum.

Through efficient planning and coordination and by working closely with the customer’s maintenance contractor, Barnhart was able to complete the remove and replace job safely and on schedule.