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Barnhart to Provide Crane Service During Port Expansion

The show will go on at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa due to an agreement with Barnhart to provide high-capacity crane service for a limited time while the Port Authority upgrades its current crane as part of a multi-million dollar renovation.

The timing worked out well, as Barnhart will be utilizing their crane at the port over a period of several months to offload and transport components as part of an upgrade to a power plant in eastern Oklahoma.

“During that period, the crane will be available to our customers who require crane service while we are refurbishing our main dock and making upgrades to our existing overhead crane,” said Port Director Bob Portiss.

Barnhart's Demag CC2600 crane will be utilized at the port during renovations.

Barnhart maintains a full service office in Oklahoma City and has handled projects moving through the Tulsa Port of Catoosa for more than 20 years. The company will locate a Demag CC2600 at the Port’s Low Water Wharf Dock for the duration of its contract with the power plant. The crane is extremely mobile and can be relocated elsewhere within the port, as needed.

“The crane will be in ‘superlift’ mode, which will allow us to lift components of up to 600 tons,” said Bob Possel, Barnhart project manager. “We will be off-loading a number of heavy components which will be used to upgrade the plant to a combined cycle. The largest component we are scheduled to lift is the combustion turbine, which weighs approximately 331 tons.”

According to Jeff Latture, Barnhart senior vice president, “With a few days’ notice, we should be able to accommodate lifts for other port customers. This will allow the Port Authority to carry out its expansion work and upgrades without any loss of service for shippers who need heavy lift capabilities.”

Local Barnhart engineers in Oklahoma City can assist with any custom cargo and the company’s yard has a full inventory of custom rigging tools to meet customers’ needs.  Barnhart employees will operate the crane at the port.