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Barnhart Transports 343,600-Pound, 150′ Long Chemical Reactor Over Mountains

Market: Heavy Haul

Location: North Carolina and Tennessee

Project Dates: 08/2011

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The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart to transport a 150’ long, 343,600-pound chemical reactor vessel over a distance of 760 miles, which included travel through small towns and tight turns and traversing long bridges and steep mountains.

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The Solution

Barnhart gladly accepted this challenge by loading the vessel with pull-up gantries onto a 12-dolly transporter.

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The Description

Barnhart transported a 150’ long chemical reactor vessel – weighing a massive 343,600 pounds – from Winterville, North Carolina, to Clarksville, Tennessee, approximately a 760-mile haul. Barnhart received the vessel using pull-up gantries and loaded the cargo to a 12-dolly transporter.

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After securing the vessel Barnhart began the over-the-road transport, which consisted travel over the interstate, state highways, and local, two-lane roads. Throughout the journey, many small towns, long bridges, tight turns, and steep mountains made the project difficult.

Despite the terrain, Barnhart successfully averaged around 160 miles per day. Upon arrival at the jobsite, a third-party crew unloaded the vessel. The haul time totaled to four and one-half days, as Barnhart completed the haul on schedule with no incidents.

Major Equipment Used

  • 12-Dolly Transporter
  • Pull-Up Gantries

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