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Barnhart Transports Cold Box over 400 Miles

Market: Chemical

Location: Tennessee

Project Dates: 12/2010

Cold Box Transport and Haul 4

The Challenge

Narrow turns and obstructions clouded Barnhart’s route when a customer asked the company to transport a cold box across town.

Cold Box Transport and Haul 1

The Solution

After partitioning the cold box into two, more easily transportable sections, the team transported the cold box with a 12-line THP Goldhofer trailer.

Cold Box Transport and Haul 2

The Description

A contractor tasked Barnhart to receive two cold box sections and two prepurifier vessels at the Port of New Orleans, as they utilized ship gear to load into waiting hopper barge. The crew then secured the equipment in the barge and placed it into tramp tow for the journey to the Port of Memphis.

Cold Box Transport and Haul 3

When the barges arrived in Memphis, Barnhart used a 1300-ton Derrick Crane to unload the cold box sections and prepurifier vessels to the platform trailer. Next, Barnhart deployed a 12-line THP trailer to haul the cargo 25 miles to the owner’s facility. The team completed the job within two days.

Major Equipment Used

  • 1300-ton Port Crane
  • 12-line THP Goldhofer