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Barnhart Unveils New Dual-Lane Transport System To Handle Loads of Up to 600,000 Pounds

At Barnhart, we are always looking for newer, more efficient ways to finish a job. In fact, it’s one of our core values.

The creative folks at Barnhart saw a pressing need for higher capacity transport on the West Coast that met stringent Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines. That’s why we created the new WesTrac transportation.

WesTrac Trailer

Barnhart joined forces with Goldhofer, a manufacturing juggernaut in the heavy hauling industry, to create a new dual-lane trailer with unique features.

The design incorporates the features of a modular platform trailer; the engineers, however, integrated a specific axle spacing and footprint that meet DOT requirements for West Coast heavy hauling.

WesTrac Trailer 2The team devised the WesTrac system for more efficient mobilization, higher road speeds, and higher variety of configurations to achieve dual-lane loading. As a matter of fact, the new trailer system – in certain configurations – can handle loads over 600,000 pounds.

Jeff Latture, Barnhart’s very own Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented on the unveiling of the WesTrac trailer.

“The addition of our Goldhofer WesTrac dual-lane transport system type THP/CA to Barnhart’s cool tools inventory gives us the ability to transport over-dimensional and super heavy hauls,” said Latture. “Barnhart’s Long Beach, CA, branch has a dedicated team that will provide planning and execution expertise with the new WesTrac System.”

On a related note, Barnhart plans to introduce a similar EasTrac system that will meet the DOT requirements for East Coast hauling jobs.

WesTrac Trailer 3

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