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Barnhart’s Custom Rigging System Helps Move Vessel

Recently, a crew boat bound for Aruba got a lift from Barnhart.  The boat arrived at the Alabama State Docks where it needed to be moved from the water to an awaiting vessel.

Premier Bulk Stevedoring, the company in charge of the project, reached out to Barnhart to provide specialized rigging for the crew boat, which was 110’ long and weighed 189,377 pounds. It also had an offset center of gravity.

Barnhart’s rigging system assisted in the move of a crew boat at the Alabama State Docks.

Barnhart developed a plan for rigging above the lifting straps. To compensate for the offset CG, they used their adjustable rigging link system (ARLS), which resembles a large bicycle chain that adjusts down to two-inch increments. Custom fabricated 55-ton sling doublers prevented the lifting straps from doubling over on themselves. A configuration of spreader bars and a lattice boom spreader bar completed the rigging plan.

Using the Alabama State Docks’ Gottwald crane, the vessel was successfully lifted out of the water and moved to the vessel bound for Aruba.