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The adjustable rigging link system (ARLS) is a cool tool in Barnhart’s equipment arsenal. The ARLS is unique to the industry and offers some big advantages.

Used primarily for high-capacity loads, the system resembles a large bicycle chain. The length of the ARLS rigging assembly can be adjusted down to two-inch increments providing the exact length for any job. Extra accessory components, like hook adapters and shackle adapters allow it to be modified to handle different loads.

The ARLS was used in a landmark project for Barnhart that involved the world’s largest tunnel boring machine, nicknamed Bertha, at a project in Seattle a few years ago.

The machine had been taken apart into 41 pieces which had to be staged in the correct sequence so they’d be in the right order when they were lowered into the launch pit  for reassembly 80 feet below the surface. The pieces were lowered using the ARLS, plus a modular lift tower and other equipment.

In addition to lifting oversize equipment, another advantage of the system over synthetic and wire rope slings is durability. It’s easy to inspect. Plus, you can use one rigging system for all lifts.

Set up is easy compared to cumbersome wire rope slings.  The ARLS comes in a rack and essentially unfolds.

“For high-capacity lifts, it’s very hard to beat,” says Daniel Voss of Barnhart’s training and implementation department.