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Bridge Project Utilizes Multiple Cranes and A Cool Tool

Barnhart’s Mount Vernon, Wash. branch recently completed a project that required tapping into their extensive equipment inventory.

Barnhart was hired to set a 220-foot-long pedestrian bridge over the Green River in  Kent, Wash. The lift of the Tukwila Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge involved three cranes: the LS 348 300-ton crawler, AC1600 650-ton AT and the GMK 7550 550-ton AT.

The lift allowed Barnhart to use one of their cool tools, a passing triangle that allowed the team to pass and share the load between the 650 and the 550 while the crawler tracked the other end into the final position. Barnhart’s engineering team was involved in initially suggesting the methodology and ultimately reviewing and signing off on it.

Here is a short time-lapse video highlighting the lift.