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City of Southaven “raising the roof” at Snowden Grove Amphitheatre

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


(WMC-TV) – Some big name acts are calling for some big time changes at a Southaven concert venue.

Country music star Brad Paisley is just one of the household names that will be using the Snowden Grove Amphitheatre in Southaven this year.

But city officials say artists have complained that the venue is a little small for some of their displays, so now the city is raising the roof, not only to increase space, but also interest.

“It became a problem for some of the artists, the backdrop was too short that they bring with them so we had to raise it up five feet,” said Jeff Beeler with Barnhart Crane.

For the folks in the seats the new facelift will allow for bigger backdrops that will play behind the artists at concerts.

“There’s a screen that they bring with them that shoots a video of the show as it’s in progress,” Beeler said.

The work is like using a jack to change a tire, except a really big one.

Crews raise the rigging structure underneath the roof and then bring in new columns to be welded together with the old ones that are now five feet higher.

“It’s something that has to be stabilized, naturally if you’re going to raise a structure without taking it apart. It’s a sizeable project,” Beeler said.

A sizeable project comes with a sizeable price tag. The $96,000 project will be paid for by money from the park department’s tourism fund.

Mayor Greg Davis says it’s a part of overall park improvements in the city.

Beeler predicated a better experience for concert-goers.

“It makes it easier to see the show if you’re in the seats farther back,” said Beeler.

By the time Paisley gets to Southaven, the new and improved stage will be calling.

The concert is set for August 17th, and Beeler said his crew will have the work finished in time.

We’re told the venue changes are permanent and will enhance the experience for concert-goers in the future.