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Have you ever noticed how pretty much every company or business has some sort of mission statement, catchy slogan or motto that reflects the company’s core values?  Slogans like “Save money, live better” for Wal-Mart, or my personal favorite “There is no substitute” by Porsche.

I never have thought much about their importance until I started working at Barnhart. While our mission statement and core values aren’t necessarily catchy, the company truly believes in them.  They’re posted on every office wall, pushed by co-workers, and visibly performed by my leadership.  The mission statement and core values are used to make our company better.

Take two of our values, safety and continuous improvement.

Safety is our very first core value and the leaders at Barnhart put it first. They believe they have a responsibility to ensure that Barnhart is a safe working environment. In addition, Barnhart is convinced that the key to good safety results comes from hiring the right people who will be thinkers that are committed to owning their own safety whether on the job site or hiking the trails with friends. As the company grows, adding new tools, ideas, and people all the time, we decided to sharpen our focus and implement additional training concerning safety in our challenging industry.

This core value, continuous improvement, is resulting in completely redoing our entire internal introductory safety class. This new class zeros in on major advances in individual employee safety.  Entitled ‘Tactical Self Preservation,” it is boosting our first core value, safety, to a whole new level.

This class is leading industry safety thinking for individuals in the field. I am excited about the strides Barnhart is making to improve safety, and look forward to seeing the benefits this training will produce as we keep our commitment to continuously improve so that we can better serve our customers.