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A pulp and paper mill in Alabama needed to replace a 28’ long X 8’ diameter, 34,000 lb. deaerator. The unit was located just below the roofline of a 100’ tall building.

The traditional method of lifting the piece through an opening in the roof could not be done due to overhead piping that would not only be costly to remove, but would completely shut down production at the mill.  The deaerator would have to be accessed through a hole the customer cut in the side of the building.

It was a job for Barnhart’s movable counterweight system, but the reach of the beam in its normal configuration wasn’t long enough. Barnhart’s engineering team got involved to modify the system and add extensions to give it its necessary length.

In addition to engineering challenges, there were tight clearances in the mill alleyway to set up a 600-ton hydraulic crane and assemble the system, plus just 7′ of overhead clearance above the unit. Still, the old unit was successfully removed and the new unit set to anchor bolts inside a building that was operational.  The job was completed a day ahead of schedule.